Friday, 1 June 2007

Orange Juice : The Heather's On Fire
orange juice - the heather's on fire
postcard records - dubh 932 cd (1993)
Despite the huge critical aclaim heaped upon when the Postcard label first started releasing material -particularly for Josef K and Orange Juice- the initial label was short-lived and it folded in the second half of 1981 - less than two after its inception. In 1992, Postcard reappeared - once again under the auspices of Alan Horne -who had spent some time in the interim period squandering money given to him by a major label- with a compilation album of Orange Juice's Postcard singles which appeared on the superbly packaged "The Heather's on Fire." I remember the joy of picking up a copy of this at the indie-store where I worked. I had been keeping my precious vinyl copies of the discs under wraps. I'd copied them to cassette years before so that the vinyl and the sleeves would remain in pristine condition. Don't forget, this was way before home-computers, internet, and mp3s. At that time CDs still had a reputation of being indestructible (they're not) and of producing a better sound than vinyl (they don't). Anyhow, this is a great collection and well worth owning if you're a fan of Postcard, or Orange Juice, and a must-have if you're a fan of both group and label.

Falling And Laughing
Moscow Olympics
Blue Boy
Simply Thrilled Honey
Breakfast Time
Poor Old Soul
Poor Old Soul Pt. 2
Felicity (Radio One Session Jan 81)
Upwards And Onwards (Radio One Session Jan 81)
Dying Day (Peel Session Aug 81)
Holiday Hymn (Peel Session Aug 81)

Hidden track:
Who Are the Mystery Girls? - The Nu-Sonics (Feb 77)

A bonus track: 
Three Cheers For Our Side (Peel Session Aug 81)
Appears on the Japanese issue of this CD in place of 'Who Are the Mystery Girls?' - The Nu-Sonics track.
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John said...

I have this one and it brings back so many good memories.

japanese forms said...

We were so much younger then...