Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Future Past : Orange Juice

Images courtesy of and ©stillunusual
Well, just when you think that there can't be anymore original documents to be found on 'The Sound Of Young Scotland' something like this turns up on the web.
These A4-size documents are from The Future Past (issue #1) fanzine which was founded in 1981 and created by three chaps going by the names of Martin Peake, Charles McCartan, and Jozsef Balogh; all from Dudley, in the West Midlands region of England. Copies come courtesy of the amazing archive of fanzines and whatnot that Jake (a.k.a. stillunusual ) posts at his Flickr account.

Read below what Jake has to say about the fanzine and the interview with Orange Juice included in it:

"The editorial on page 2 of this early 1980s midlands fanzine proclaims it to be the first issue of a “soon-to-be-famous” magazine. Sadly, that fame was never achieved - in fact I don’t even know if the authors managed to bring out a second issue - but it’s not a bad effort.

There’s an informative interview with Scottish band Orange Juice, which took place before a gig at the Lafayette club in Wolverhampton and includes an interesting anecdote about Pete Shelley, as well as the fact that their song “Blue Boy” is about him. Two years later, after the band had left indie label Postcard (“The Sound of Young Scotland”) for Polydor and achieved a degree of mainstream success, their biggest hit “Rip It Up” also contained a tribute to
Shelley and the Buzzcocks…."

Monday, 23 February 2015

The Coolest Man in the World

"...the kind of pop group fairy tales should written about."

Review from Sounds (circa '82) of Josef K at the Rock Garden, London, by a somewhat over-excited Chris Burkham.

Original Source:
Lisa Bryson

Original Photo: unknown

Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Sound of Young Scotland - Documentaries

In this month's MOJO (February 2015 issue) you can read all about two forthcoming Grant McPhee documentaries highlighting the independent music scene in Scotland from 1977 to 1994. Both films feature interviews and footage of all the important players who take part in all of it.

Watch the trailer for these films at the links below:

The Big Gold Dream - Scottish Post-Punk, DIY And Infiltrating The Mainstream (1977-1985)

Songs From Northern Britain - The Country That Invented Indie Music (1986 - 1994)


Additional information from Sound of Young Scotland @Kiltr :
"Some things you never knew about Postcard Records: photographer Peter McArthur (who took all those amazing Strawberry Switchblade stills) was responsible for the name of the label, and Orange Juice drummer - Steven Daly - coined the phrase: 'The Sound of Young Scotland.' "

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Orange Juice : Ostrich Churchyard ad

Well, first post of this new year is yet another excellent Postcard Records ad for Orange Juice's 'Ostrich Churchyard' album. The recordings featured on this album are what should have been Orange Juice's debut LP, had it been released during the original Postcard Records set up.
Instead, it was issued in 1992 during the revival of "Europe's Only Avant Garde Recording Company." Ad contains a lot of the images featured in the adjoing booklet that came with the album.

More images and information on this album at Sound of Young Scotland here and here

Source & ©pchille
via: lovesick/blueboy

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Postcard Strip-Ad for Blue Boy (reissue)

An ad for Postcard Recordings of Scotland when the the label was resuscitated in the early 1990s.
This is the sort of thing that makes me wish I hadn't binned all my old NMEs and other such weeklies and magazines so long ago. Taken from the NME, 12th of June 1993 this cutting features an ad announcing the forthcoming reissue release of Orange Juice's 'Blue Boy' single and the 'The Heather's On Fire' compilation as well as future releases from Vic Godard, Paul Quinn, and The Nectarine N°9.

Full of rather homoerotic undertones and tongue-in-cheek blurbs it would probably irk some of the politically correct crowd nowadays. Distasteful and sexist they'd say. They'd find it offensive, be indignant for five minutes and then get back to their Caramel Brulée Latte, their smartphones and all the utter bollocks that's on Twitter, Facebook etc. etc.

Anyhow, I wonder what those involved with this ad (i.e. the Postcard artists showcased on it) would have to say about it these days?

Source & ©pchille

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Orange Juice : Falling & Laughing offset litho plates.

Always great to see previously unseen documents from the Postcard era popping up on the web. Here we have an image of the offset litho printing plates used for the artwork on Orange Juice's 'Falling and Laughing' single on Postcard Records (1980). Am sure Mr McClymont has a lot more interesting goodies waiting for the world to see.

From the collection of & © David McClymont.
Source : Shadow-Side

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Orange Juice : 'Bridge' Stickers

Promo stickers for Orange Juice's 'Bridge / Out For The Count' single (1984).
I've no idea if these were given away or were included with any of the various vinyl editions of the 7" and 12" versions. Can't recall finding any with my vinyl. *sigh*

From David McClymont's collection _ ©David McClymont

Source : Postcard Records Fan Page via Lovesick/Blueboy

Thursday, 20 November 2014

What We Wore : 80s Glasgow

"Homemade haircut, yellow PVC shoulder bag, leather coat, probably from Paddy's Market. My Doc Marten shoes were my greatest expense - I think they cost at least £60 then. What I'd pay now for a comfy pair of Clarks” 
Photography ©Stephen McRobbie, courtesy of Annabel Wright
From Dazed & Confused's article on the Glasgow music scene in the 80s. A must-read, must-see for anyone interested in the Sounds of 80s Young Scotland. Stars and fans dig into their archives and share their personal photos from that era.
What We Wore : 80s Glasgow 
Dazed & Confused Magazine

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Vaselines: V For Vaselines Tour.

Frances McKee, The Vaselines live at Thekla, Bristol (16th November, 2014)

The Vaselines have undertaken a 13-date European tour to promote their new album, V For Vaselines. The band will be setting out on a 13-date North-American tour beginning mid-January comprising of ten dates in the US and three in Canada.

Image courtesy of and ©Tim Ellis

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Simple Minds : New Gold Dream (badge)


Image : Simple Minds 'New Gold Dream' badge ©japanese forms

Getting away from the (mostly) Postcard Records stuff that I post for the moment and moving onto other Scottish bands that I've neglected a bit.  Bands like Simple Minds, The Associates, and Teenage Fanclub. Three great bands (at least for a few years for the first two) whom I really liked at some moment in my life. Of course, Teenage Fanclub and Simple Minds are still doing the rounds; the latter having released a brand new album just last month (Oct. 2014), but the much regretted Associates more or less fell apart when Alan Rankine left the band in 1982 shortly after the release of the fabulous 'Sulk' album. Rankine's departure leading to the late Billy MacKenzie more or less embarking on a solo career; albeit under the Associates name, until around 1990. Almost everything released after 1982 paled by comparison to the bands' previous output. A spent force in which; apart from a couple of Mackenzie's later solo efforts, I lost interest. Simple Minds, I lost interest in them shortly after the 'Once Upon A Time' album (1985). I like, and still do, most of the stuff released beforehand. Might have been the fact that they had turned into a stadium rock band, à la U2, that put me off them. I imagine though that it was some other band (more than likely The Jesus And Mary Chain) that had caught my fancy. I'd moved on to other pastures. As for Teenage Fanclub; that's another story which I'll come back to later.

More posts on these bands up soon. (japanese forms)

Friday, 31 October 2014

Postcard from Paradise

Orange Juice pose in their Sunday best. Simon Goddard -9 years before the publication of his book: 'Simply Thrilled: The Preposterous Story of Postcard Records'- gives us the lowdown on The Sound of Young Scotland in and 8-page spread in UNCUT (Take 95) in April 2005. A "definitive guide to early '80s Scottish alternative music" no less.

Image: ©japanese forms
Original Orange Juice photo: ©Tom Sheehan

Other posts on this Uncut feature can be found at SoYS by clicking on 'Uncut' label in the sidebar.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Stephen & Frances in the park.

Stephen McRobbie (The Pastels) & Frances McKee (The Vaselines) in the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow. (circa ?)
Photo by & ©Eugene Kelly - The Vaselines via @Nippy Sweetie

Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Postcard 'Factory Sit-In'

Featured above is a very interesting Postcard Records artifact.
It's a handprinted, limited-edition poster for Aztec Camera’s first gig outside Scotland. Gig which took place at Manchester De Ville’s in August 1981.
This image was sent to me courtesy of John Ashton who's selling it on eBay as well as an original Postcard brochure and a fanzine. Items which Postcard sumpremo Alan Horne sent to him 1981. Includes a handwritten cover note by Horne written on the back of a torn off brown Postcard Records record sleeve.

Anyone interested in these items can make a bid at the links below:

Aztec Camera / Jazzateers poster

Postcard Records brochure / fanzine

Image ©John Ashton



Thursday, 16 October 2014

Edwyn & Paul - Record Mirror, 1984

Two Swamplands era, young lads make the cover of Record Mirror in the july 28th issue 1984. World Class Quiffs, boys.
Big Brother is Watching You.

Image courtesy of and ©Nippy Sweetie

Monday, 13 October 2014

Josef K and Aztec Camera - Valentino's, Edinburgh concert flyer

The Only Fun In Town From Psychotic Reaction.
Josef K and Aztec Camera - Valentino's, Edinburgh August 16th 1981.

Flyer image courtesy of & ©ROL UK/PaulHaig 
Original flyer image ©Kevin Law

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Happening Right Then

Image: ©Paul Groovy

Photo of Alex Taylor (shop Assistants) from Paul Groovy's forthcoming 'Happening Right Then' a150+ page hardback book. An exciting publication featuring over 200 colour and black & white photographs taken at  iconic venues such as The Living Room, Room At The Top and The Big Twang between 1983-1985 with many original photos of the Scottish music scene taken by the author himself.

Anyone who wants to help fund Paul's book can do so at IndieGo.

Many thanks to Paul for providing me with a copy of the Alex Taylor photo to illustrate this post.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Stephen 'n' Eugene

 Eugene Kelly (The Vaselines) playing live with The Pastels, circa 1987. Eugene appears on their 1989 album “Sittin’ Pretty” singing backing vocals on “Baby You’re Just You” and “Swerve”. He also appeared on their “Comin’ Through” EP in 1987, playing the autoharp and doing backing vocals.

Source :Teenage Jesus Superstars
Image : Not credited ©unknown

"This photo was taken in 1987 at "Vikki's Nitespot" in Kilmarnock. A benefit gig for the striking Caterpillar workers in Uddingston"

Received this bit of information above on the photo in an 'anonymous' comment. A big thanks to the sender. Still don't know who took the photograph though.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Vaselines : 'V for Vaselines' acoutic in-store gig

 An exciting moment at Monorail in Glasgow this afternoon where The Vaselines did an acoustic in-store gig for their soon-to-be-released new album; V For Vaselines
Available on LP, CD, Download, and Cassette. Pre-order now!

Special thanks to Colin Clark and Lazer Guided Melody for images and info.

Image : Courtesy of & ©Colin Clark

Paul Groovy : Happening Right Then

Image: Stephen Pastel, The Living Room, July 1984 - ©Paul Groovy

Marcel Duchamp once said: "Everybody hates it nowadays but forty years from now everyone will love it." Or something like that. I think. Anyway, this could be said for a good few of the bands that came about back in the dark ages.* Particularly for some outfits like Josef K, Fire Engines, Scars, The Vaselines, Shop Assistants, who appear to be more famous now than they ever were in their -shortlived- heyday. It's really quite amazing how some bands / people /events are revered nowadays. I imagine it's mostly down to nostalgia for a good few folks but often, this adulation, is from kids who might well be young enough to be any original fan's grandchildren. Just take a browse through Tumblr. There you'll find; besides the prodigious amount of pornography that fills up a lot of space, lots of photos or scans of diverse documents either relating to C81 or C86 and the bands that were featured on those two tapes as well as lots of bands like the ones mentioned above. A major setback, however, as with most posts on Tumblr, is that a lot of photos and documents are endlessly reblogged with neither any information attached to them nor any credits nor source details. Luckily though; for anyone really interested in this period in rock/pop/punk/post-rock/twee's back pages; and particularly for those who want to know more about all the great Scottish bands from back then, there are people like Simon Goddard, Simon Reynolds, Richard King, and Sam Knee. All of them have either written about Postcard Records, Josef K, Orange Juice, The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Pastels, et al or documented the various scenes, labels, etc. Sam Knee's book, A Scene In Between, is particularly good for lots of original and unseen photos.
Anyhow, another couple of very interesting books are to be published in early 2015. The first one is Neil Taylor's 'C86 & All That: Indie 1983-86 A History' and Paul Groovy's 'Happening Right Then' which will feature, as well as some text, original photos taken by the author himself.

I'll let Paul Groovy fill you in on the details of his must have, forthcoming book:

"The Kickstarter campaign for "Happening Right Then!" starts next week, with the finished book being published Spring 2015.
It will be a hardback book with 150+ pages of my photos, with comments/recollections by many of the bands/people featured, along with a foreword by Alan Mcgee
It starts with The Pastels from the Spontaneous Happening at The Venue, Glasgow in May 83,and ends with The Pastels at The Room At The Top in Dec 85. Inbetween there will be photos of TV Personalities, Shop Assistants, The Times, Direct Hits, Nikki Sudden, Jasmine Minks(their 1st gig),Primal Scream (their 1st gig!),and a whole lot more.
Publication will tie in with Neil Taylors "C86 & All That" book (one of my pics is being used as the cover, and some more are to be included inside),and the launch for that book will take place at the original Living Room at the Adams Arms. An exhibition of my photos will also be part of the launch for Neil's book."

Anyone who wants to help fund Paul's book can do so at Kickstarter. I'll post a link to his page as soon as it's up.

Many thanks to Paul for providing me with a copy of the Stephen Pastel photo to illustrate this post.

Image: courtesy of & ©Paul Groovy
Paul Groovy @ Twitter

*Margaret Thatcher's era - 1979-1990

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Vaselines : Straight of Yr Girlfriends Stomach (Press Releases)

 A couple of rather interesting documents relating to the first release by The Vaselines in May 1987 on the Scottish record label, 53rd&3rd. Label founded in 1985 by Stephen Pastel, Sandy McLean and David Keegan.
These are scans of the press releases that came with test pressings of their debut single "Son of a Gun" -though at that time it was still known as "Straight of Yr Girlfriends Stomach". For some unknown reason the title was changed before the actual release date of the 14th August, 1987.
Interesting to note that the Vaselines twosome, Frances and Eugene, are being sold as "fun lovin', normal, healthy, fuck-obsessed adolescents".
Artwork is by Annabel Wright (Aggi) of The Pastels.

Original scans ©FireEscapeTalking
Via Jenny Rollo

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Jazzateers : Don't Let Your Son Grow Up To Be A Cowboy

Jazzateers live at the Spaghetti Factory, Glasgow (circa 1981).
Image courtesy of & ©Douglas MacIntyre

As I'm back at work I'm going to have a lot less time to post at SoYS. Managed to update a few older posts and photos but still have a fair amount to do. In the meantime there's some good news from Cherry Red with the release of the
Jazzateers : Don't Let Your Son Grow Up To Be A Cowboy. An album that features most of their unreleased recordings from 1981-1982.
This release includes the long-thought-lost sessions for Postcard Records, combining nearly two albums and overseen by Postcard supremo and Jazzateers’ manager Alan Horne.  One of the tracks, Wasted, was scheduled to be the final Postcard single (81-14) and was produced by Orange Juice’s Edwyn Collins. Unfortunately, like a few other scheduled releases; Wasted was shelved when the label fell apart.
Don't Let Your Son Grow Up To Be A Cowboy is a must have recording for any Postcard Records fan.

A big thanks to Jazzateer, Douglas MacIntyre for providing me with a copy of the above photograph to illustrate this post.

Jazzateers line-up (1980-1981)
Alison Gourlay (vocals)
Ian Burgoyne (guitar)
Keith Band (bass)
Colin Auld (drums)

"Several tracks were recorded for singles and for a debut album, all unreleased as yet. Some tracks were produced by Edwyn Collins, including a version of Donna Summers' "Wasted" which was scheduled to be a single." (Wikipedia)

Don't Let Your Son Grow Up To Be A Cowboy is available now from Cherry Red

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Aztec Camera talk about doing a bit of rehearsing.

Excellent document from Smash Hits, August 30th 1984. Features several band shots and a run down on their time in Manchester recording the 'Knife' album. An article also in which Roddy Frame reckons that Aztec Camera "don't really fit in with anything" and that he "can't be bothered with the pop star life-style."
Smashing stuff indeed.

Words: Kimberley Leston
Images : ©uncredited

Documents courtesy of & ©Brian McCloskey

Click right & view image
to see XL version

Images ©Brian McCloskey

Monday, 25 August 2014

The Jesus And Mary Chain - Family Tree

A rather interesting document from the New Musical Express, 15  September 1990. Pages 20-21 of that week's issue featured a Jesus And Mary Chain family tree compiled by Paul Barber. Fascinating stuff where you'll find a complete rundown of all the Mary Chain line-ups (as well as those of Bobby Gillespie's Primal Scream) from the band's inception to the 'Automatic' tour of '89.

(Click right, view image for large version)

Source & Image ©Fremsley

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Some Cat Was Laying Down Some Rock 'n' Roll...


Some Cat Was Laying Down Some Rock 'n' Roll...

Orange Juice
Lovesick / Blueboy (reissue)
Postcard Records (1993)
DUBH 934

Vinyl reissue of Orange Juice's finest Postcard single. Reissued at the same time as 'The Heather's on Fire" compilation. This single features the same artwork on the label as on the compilation sleeve.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Paul Haig : Heaven Sent (poster)

Poster for Paul Haig's 'Heaven Sent' release from1983.
This was a UK release on Island Records only; you can see the Island Records logo in the bottom right corner. However, Les Disques du Crépuscule allocated it's own internal Cat. N° for it : TWI 149.
The back sleeve of the original vinyl features photography by Sheila Rock but there's no mention of who did the artwork on the front cover -as featured on this poster. I have the Les Disques de Crépuscule/Ariola version (Cat. N°600 817) and the artwork isn't credited on it either.

Poster image: Courtesy of & ©ROL UK/PaulHaig