Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Orange Juice : 'Bridge' Stickers

Promo stickers for Orange Juice's 'Bridge / Out For The Count' single (1984).
I've no idea if these were given away or were included with any of the various vinyl editions of the 7" and 12" versions. Can't recall finding any with my vinyl. *sigh*

From David McClymont's collection _ ©David McClymont

Source : Postcard Records Fan Page via Lovesick/Blueboy

Thursday, 20 November 2014

What We Wore : 80s Glasgow

"Homemade haircut, yellow PVC shoulder bag, leather coat, probably from Paddy's Market. My Doc Marten shoes were my greatest expense - I think they cost at least £60 then. What I'd pay now for a comfy pair of Clarks” 
Photography ©Stephen McRobbie, courtesy of Annabel Wright
From Dazed & Confused's article on the Glasgow music scene in the 80s. A must-read, must-see for anyone interested in the Sounds of 80s Young Scotland. Stars and fans dig into their archives and share their personal photos from that era.
What We Wore : 80s Glasgow 
Dazed & Confused Magazine

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Vaselines: V For Vaselines Tour.

Frances McKee, The Vaselines live at Thekla, Bristol (16th November, 2014)

The Vaselines have undertaken a 13-date European tour to promote their new album, V For Vaselines. The band will be setting out on a 13-date North-American tour beginning mid-January comprising of ten dates in the US and three in Canada.

Image courtesy of and ©Tim Ellis

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Simple Minds : New Gold Dream (badge)


Image : Simple Minds 'New Gold Dream' badge ©japanese forms

Getting away from the (mostly) Postcard Records stuff that I post for the moment and moving onto other Scottish bands that I've neglected a bit.  Bands like Simple Minds, The Associates, and Teenage Fanclub. Three great bands (at least for a few years for the first two) whom I really liked at some moment in my life. Of course, Teenage Fanclub and Simple Minds are still doing the rounds; the latter having released a brand new album just last month (Oct. 2014), but the much regretted Associates more or less fell apart when Alan Rankine left the band in 1982 shortly after the release of the fabulous 'Sulk' album. Rankine's departure leading to the late Billy MacKenzie more or less embarking on a solo career; albeit under the Associates name, until around 1990. Almost everything released after 1982 paled by comparison to the bands' previous output. A spent force in which; apart from a couple of Mackenzie's later solo efforts, I lost interest. Simple Minds, I lost interest in them shortly after the 'Once Upon A Time' album (1985). I like, and still do, most of the stuff released beforehand. Might have been the fact that they had turned into a stadium rock band, à la U2, that put me off them. I imagine though that it was some other band (more than likely The Jesus And Mary Chain) that had caught my fancy. I'd moved on to other pastures. As for Teenage Fanclub; that's another story which I'll come back to later.

More posts on these bands up soon. (japanese forms)