Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Associates - Smash Hits 1982

Well, it's been a long time since I posted anything here. Been too busy what with work, other projects and also the fact that I'm tending to get a bit tired of blogging. I've been concentrating a lot more on my photography in my free time, as well as some graphic design stuff, so this leaves little or no time at all for the blog. Anyhow, over the Xmas break I'll try to remediate and put up a couple more posts.

Anyhow, today we have a great pic of those once-handsome lads, The Associates, on the cover of Smash Hits way back in 1982. Of all the Scottish bands of that era, Associates were undoubtedly my favourite band. A band which released some true marvels* and faded much too fast. All of it ending in the tragic death of the late and much lamented Billy McKenzie.

Here the lads appear to be on a photo shoot -modelling for Kays catalogue. Billy in beret and one of those horrendous roll neck sweaters and Alan in a trenchcoat (?) of a truly eyewatering colour. Well, the mauve matches his lipstick sort of.

Not sure where I sourced this so I can't credit it.


* The Associates albums; The Affectionate Punch, Sulk, and Fourth Drawer Down were reissued as two-CD deluxe editions, earlier this year.
All three include 28 page booklets featuring in-depth liner notes, unpublished photographs, original promotional material and unseen memorabilia from The Associates’ archive. Sulk is also available on vinyl.