Saturday, 9 July 2016

A Musical Version of Buster Keaton Meets Gloria Swanson

 Associates :  Smash Hits, July 9th, 1981

Another Associates gem from Smash Hits courtesy of the one and only Brian McCloskey. This time from Brian's goldmine archive journalist Mark Milligan gives us the rundown on what the band was up to 35 years ago to this day. Their latest recording; a cover version of Simon Dupree's Kites, under the moniker of 39 Lyon Street -named after Rankine & Mackenzie's former address in Dundee in 1976- and how Christine Beveridge happens to be on vocals on it is the main lead. Also in this story we get to find out about all of what the boys were planning for future release including Kitchen Person and White Car in Germany.

Document courtesy of & ©BrianTV

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Liverpool versus Glasgow : Orange Juice @ Plato's Liverpool, '81

Well, I've been a bit busy lately at work and on other projects but I've finally gotten round to do a wee post here at SoYS. I have a whole host of other pics and artefacts to post -many provided by that treasure chest of all things from Scotland's post-punk era, Scottish Post-Punk. First of all though we a flyer and an excellent pic for and from an Orange Juice concert at Plato's, Liverpool way back in August 1981.
Very nice indeed. Edwyn looks as if he's really enjoying himself. His fringe too!

More posts up soon.

Documents courtesy of EricsToEvol

Photograph : ©Denise Hodgkinson