Friday, 17 February 2012

postcard records 81-5 : josef k - chance meeting/pictures

postcard records 81-5 
josef k
chance meeting / pictures

image: ©japanese forms

A bit hard to believe that I've had these legendary Postcard Records discs for over 30 years now and that they're still all in almost pristine condition. I'm also glad that I've kept them as they are true artifacts of a byegone era... and from a period where the very idea of an MP3 would have been considered as nothing but pure science fiction or the figment of someone's deranged imagination. How times change.
I've already posted photos of most of the Postcard singles at Flickr but they were done some time ago and I thought they deserved a re-post and of a better quality as the original posts aren't really that good. Anyhow, although far from "propfessional" this series of shots, not in any particular order, looks far better than those I posted back in 2005-2007. Expect some more soon. japanese forms