Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Yummy Fur - Policeman

The Yummy Fur

3-track, fold-out sleeve

Policeman / 70's / Car Crash

Guided Missile (1997)


Artwork : Mark Gibbons (The Yummy Fur)

"You Indie-Kids Are Fucking Monkeys"

Back with a wee change from the usual Postcard Records-Orange Juice-Josef K etc.stuff that I've been posting recently. More from that front up soon as I've been accumulating various documents and photos from my usual sources but just haven't had any time to concentrate on doing anything with them.

Anyhow, The Yummy Fur were an indie-rock band from Glasgow, formed in 1992, who had a few years of fame (infamy?) with various line-ups up until they finally split in 1999. Leader, John McKeown went on to form the 1990s.
The band released two albums, one 10" EP and several singles -including the one featured here.

Described on some occasions as Scotland's answer to The Fall, Bogshed or a psychedelic Half-Man Half Biscuit; The Yummy Fur never quite made the big time but were fun while they lasted. More soon.

Policeman review from NME 29th March 1997:
The Yummy Fur are ace, partly because they release new records for different labels every other week, each featuring the latest phase in their ongoing quest to become the psychedelic Half Man Half Biscuit. 'Policeman' posits a valid dilemma for today's counter-culturally aware youth: when junkies are forced by their marginalisation from scoiety to steal video recorders and televisions which serve to educate and enlighten the good people, where do one's sympathies lie? Is the man in blue really always the enemy? Never fear, Da Fur decide: "Oh policeman, I'd love to spend an evening/Snorting cocaine off the stomach of your girlfriend".

Policeman review from Melody Maker 5th April 1997:
Have The Yummy Fur discovered dope? This is very laid-back for them, almost "lazy-beat" - the Bogshed door has finally been closed. "Policeman" is another brilliantly funny product of warped madman/genius John McKeown's fucked-up brain and it's as charmingly erratic as he is.

 P.S. The band's name was taken from the comic book Yummy Fur by Chester Brown.