Thursday, 24 June 2010

the jesus and mary chain - darklands ep

From the time when The Jesus and Mary Chain were at their very best. Seems like only yesterday when I bought this but it was actually released all of 23 years ago! The "Darklands" song, as with the eponymously named album, has a much more melodic sound than that of their previous singles but it's just as good as anything else the released in those halycon years as far as I'm concerned. I really like the artwork as well which includes photographs from videos by Tim Broad and John Maybury and design by Helen Backhouse. one2zero

the jesus and mary chain
darklands ep (10" vinyl)
darklands/ rider / here it comes again / on the wall (porta studio demo)
blanco y negro (1987)
neg 29te

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Monday, 21 June 2010

teenage fanclub - the ballad of john & yoko

A bit of a rarity, I imagine but I've no idea how many copies of this were initally pressed. A one-sided single with a photo of John & Yoko on the flipside label and the band members and Don Fleming's names etched into the plastic.

teenage fanclub
the ballad of john & yoko
paperhouse records (1990)
paper 005

Sunday, 6 June 2010

teenage fanclub - the king (cd & promo tape)

teenage fanclub : the king
crecd 096 : creation records (1991)
creation records promo cassette for the same album

Album deleted on the first day of release. (wiki)
I really liked Teenage Fanclub back when this was released -their debut album and singles were quite fabulous. Working in record distribution I got the promo tape a couple of weeks before the official album was released. I, of course, immediately snapped up a cd copy the day it arrived in the warehouse. Next day the album was withdrawn from sale due to some sort of contractual problem or whatever (see wiki link above). It's a bit of a collector's item, I imagine, but I'm sure that there must be quite a few copies about. As for me, I haven't bought anything by the band since around 1995 but I've got almost everything issued by them prior to that. So, expect more "Teenage Fanclub" posts because I have quite a decent collection of their earlier releases. That includes their before-they-became-TFC 12" Boy Hairdressers EP! one2zero

Teenage Fanclub have just released a brand new album.

Teenage Fanclub - Wiki