Sunday, 6 June 2010

teenage fanclub - the king (cd & promo tape)

teenage fanclub : the king
crecd 096 : creation records (1991)
creation records promo cassette for the same album

Album deleted on the first day of release. (wiki)
I really liked Teenage Fanclub back when this was released -their debut album and singles were quite fabulous. Working in record distribution I got the promo tape a couple of weeks before the official album was released. I, of course, immediately snapped up a cd copy the day it arrived in the warehouse. Next day the album was withdrawn from sale due to some sort of contractual problem or whatever (see wiki link above). It's a bit of a collector's item, I imagine, but I'm sure that there must be quite a few copies about. As for me, I haven't bought anything by the band since around 1995 but I've got almost everything issued by them prior to that. So, expect more "Teenage Fanclub" posts because I have quite a decent collection of their earlier releases. That includes their before-they-became-TFC 12" Boy Hairdressers EP! one2zero

Teenage Fanclub have just released a brand new album.

Teenage Fanclub - Wiki

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