Monday, 6 December 2010

postcard records tribute (flyer)

Flyer for a Postcard Records Tribute Night held at Mono (Glasgow) in October 2007.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

postcard records (badge)

Postcard Records -
Badge / Button

First version of a series of badges featuring Postcard Records designs.
japanese forms

photo: ©japanese forms

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Monday, 8 November 2010

orange juice - coals to newcastle (guardian preview)

Orange Juice -
Coals To Newcastle (Boxset)
Released today.

photo: ©domino

You can listen to 18 tracks from the Orange Juice boxset -released today 8th. of November- at the Guardian online. Follow this link.
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Thursday, 4 November 2010

aidan john moffat : ten short songs for modern lovers
aidan john moffat
ten shorts songs for modern lovers
7" mini vinyl LP (10-tracks on a 45 rpm single format)
limited to 1000 copies
chemikal underground (2010)

artwork / design : aidan john moffat
photography : unknown
Excellent new single (or ultra-mini LP) from former Arab Strap vocalist, Aidan John Moffat. Ten tracks in total, all of which fit onto two sides of a 45rpm 7” single. With a total running time of around nine minutes the ten songslargely deal with issues surrounding love, romance and sex. All delivered in Moffat's own inimitable style. Comes in a superb 60s style ep sleeve. one2zero
Available from Chemikal Underground  in a limited edition of 1000 copies.
Download version also available.

Image:  ©japanese forms.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

teenage fanclub - star sign 12" promo

teenage fanclub
star sign
12-inch ep

promotional copy

I obtained this disc under the same circumstances as the previous TFC promo of The King album
. Actually, I have two copies of this one (I don't know why); both are still in mint condition. As with most Creation Records promo discs from that era it comes in a plain white generic Creation promo sleeve which sports the label logo on the front and the mention: A Creation Records Product. Printed on the back of the sleeve it has: Promotional Copy Only and the label's address. Band name, track titles and catalogue number are printed on one side only of the white label. I don't know if there are many of these about but I imagine it must be on the wishlist of any true TFC collector. one2zero

this side: star sign / heavy metal
other side: like a virgin / star sign (demo version)

creation records (1991)
cre 105 tp

Teenage Fanclub have just released a brand new album.

Teenage Fanclub - Wiki

Sunday, 5 September 2010

orange juice - coals to newcastle (boxset)

Orange Juice -
Reissue Programme (2)
Coals To Newcastle (Boxset)

photo: ©domino

Back in business, after a long Summer hiatus at SoYS, I'm pleased to announce that the Orange Juice boxset on Domino will be released on the 8th. of November. You can pre-order a copy here (UK) or here (US) and check out exactly what it contains.
A fabulous boxset by the looks it and probably as lovingly made and packaged as was the case with "The Glasgow School, " the Josef K "Entemology" compilation, and the Fire Engines' "Teenage Codex Premonition" album. Certainly an absolute must have for any OJ fan. japanese forms

What I previously had to say about this great initiative by Domino on this post.
Special thanks to Fastnbulbous for letting me know about the boxset release.

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Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Boy Hairdressers - Golden Shower EP

A bit of a rarity this 3-track EP by The Boy Hairdressers on Stephan Pastel's 53rd & 3rd label, I imagine. From the ashes of this band rose the mighty and fabulous Teenage Fanclub. Jim Lambie, world-renowned contemporary visual artist, was also a member of this short-lived outfit.

The Boy Hairdressers
Golden Shower
53rd & 3rd (1987)

- Golden Shower
- Tidalwave
- The Assumption As An Elevator

Thursday, 24 June 2010

the jesus and mary chain - darklands ep

From the time when The Jesus and Mary Chain were at their very best. Seems like only yesterday when I bought this but it was actually released all of 23 years ago! The "Darklands" song, as with the eponymously named album, has a much more melodic sound than that of their previous singles but it's just as good as anything else the released in those halycon years as far as I'm concerned. I really like the artwork as well which includes photographs from videos by Tim Broad and John Maybury and design by Helen Backhouse. one2zero

the jesus and mary chain
darklands ep (10" vinyl)
darklands/ rider / here it comes again / on the wall (porta studio demo)
blanco y negro (1987)
neg 29te

wikipedia / myspace / JAMC

Monday, 21 June 2010

teenage fanclub - the ballad of john & yoko

A bit of a rarity, I imagine but I've no idea how many copies of this were initally pressed. A one-sided single with a photo of John & Yoko on the flipside label and the band members and Don Fleming's names etched into the plastic.

teenage fanclub
the ballad of john & yoko
paperhouse records (1990)
paper 005

Sunday, 6 June 2010

teenage fanclub - the king (cd & promo tape)

teenage fanclub : the king
crecd 096 : creation records (1991)
creation records promo cassette for the same album

Album deleted on the first day of release. (wiki)
I really liked Teenage Fanclub back when this was released -their debut album and singles were quite fabulous. Working in record distribution I got the promo tape a couple of weeks before the official album was released. I, of course, immediately snapped up a cd copy the day it arrived in the warehouse. Next day the album was withdrawn from sale due to some sort of contractual problem or whatever (see wiki link above). It's a bit of a collector's item, I imagine, but I'm sure that there must be quite a few copies about. As for me, I haven't bought anything by the band since around 1995 but I've got almost everything issued by them prior to that. So, expect more "Teenage Fanclub" posts because I have quite a decent collection of their earlier releases. That includes their before-they-became-TFC 12" Boy Hairdressers EP! one2zero

Teenage Fanclub have just released a brand new album.

Teenage Fanclub - Wiki

Friday, 30 April 2010

arab strap - there is no ending 7" single

arab strap
there is no ending / the first big weekend (four tet mix)
7" single (sleeve and label detail)
chemikal underground (2006)

Sound of Young Scotland - Flickr Group

Label detail from Arab Strap's penultimate single on Chemikal Underground. The label will be releasing a vinyl retrospective of the band's early years in May 2010. See here for more details. one2zero

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Fire Engines - Discord / Candyskin

Fire Engines
Discord / Candyskin (Peel Session)
45 rpm single
Domino Records 2006
Recorded for the John Peel show 23/02/81. Broadcast on 09/03/81.
Issued to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its first broadcast.
Another image of this single can be seen here.

Image: ©japanese forms

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Arab Strap - Dream Sequence 7" single

Arab Strap
dream sequence / dead air 
Chemikal Underground - 2005
Image: ©japanese forms 2010

The third-last official release by Arab Strap on Chemikal Underground in 2005. Another great track from the fabulous album: The Last Romance; an album more upbeat, as the band put it, but, like the tracks on this single, yet more tunes dealing in some of the darker aspects of relationships. Comes in a similar sleeve to the Speed-Date 45 with matching graphics and typeface. Artwork by Rik Lee. (japanese forms)

Chemikal Underground will be releasing a comprehensive box-set of all their early material sometime in April 2010. See here for more details.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Arab Strap - Speed-Date 7" EP
Arab Strap 
speed date (filthy version) / preface: set the scene / the girl i loved before i fucked 
Chemikal Underground - 2005
Image: ©japanese forms 2010

Antepenultimate official release from what was one of my favourite Scottish indie bands of fairly recent years. Arab Strap saw the light of day in 1995 and almost immediately became one of the most influential bands on the late 1990s Glasgow music scene. Over the ten-year period that Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton played together, before finally splitting in 2006 to go there separate ways, the band released numerous songs that were no more than a celebration of a sexually empty, drug-and alcohol-dependent life. Indeed, right from the start and throughout their career a lot of their lyrics were sung not only in their native Scots tongue but continued to focus exclusively on drink, drugs and sexual misery. They were brilliant ! Now, as solo performers, both continue to make some fine discs that are certainly worth checking out. This ep, like most of what they released, is an absolute gem and a must have for any fan of the band. Artwork by Rik Lee. More Arab Strap stuff up soon. (japanese forms)
Chemikal Underground will be releasing a comprehensive box-set of all their early material sometime in April 2010. See here for more details.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

jesus and mary chain - upside down

the jesus and mary chain
upside down / vegetable man
creation records - nov. 1984

photo: ©japanese forms 2010

sound of young scotland
@ flickr

The great JAMC 'Upside Down' Creation Records single. I have two copies of this fabulous single but I've no idea just how many copies were originally pressed. the disc also came in several different-coloured sleeves, but again, I've no idea how many different colours were involved -I suppose some "trainspotter" out there would be able to inform us on this point. Anyhow, this aside, it ranks as one of the band's finest recordings in my book and a must have item for any JAMC collector. Fabulous cover version of Syd Barrett's Vegetable Man on the b-side.
Includes an insert for mail-order JAMC t-shirts for the ridiculous price, compared with today's standards, of £3,95. Postage included!(japanese forms

wikipedia / myspace / JAMC


Saturday, 13 March 2010

orange juice - reissue programme

Orange Juice -
Reissue Programme
Albums due for release soon on Domino.

photo: ©japanese forms 2010

Well I've finally got round to posting another update to this blog and sincerely hope to post a few more over the next few weeks or so. I've also started unpacking lots of my vinyl; which has been in storage for almost three years now - so expect to to see some posts on some of those tasty cuts from Scotland's finest shortly. (japanese forms)

In this month's Uncut you can find an extensive feature and interview with Edwyn Collins and the other band members. The group looks back on life in the band, tell the Postcard story from their side, and talk about the various discs they released. Unfortunately we don't get to learn very much about the upcoming release of their back catalogue on Domino nor the dates of when the albums (boxset?) will be available. Not much news on the Domino website either I'm afraid. Anyhow, lets hope that the reissues will be as lovingly made and packaged as was the case with "The Glasgow School, " the Josef K "Entemology" compilation, and the Fire Engines' "Teenage Codex Premonition" album.

In the meantime, get yourself a copy of this month's Uncut. (japanese forms)

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