Saturday, 13 March 2010

orange juice - reissue programme

Orange Juice -
Reissue Programme
Albums due for release soon on Domino.

photo: ©japanese forms 2010

Well I've finally got round to posting another update to this blog and sincerely hope to post a few more over the next few weeks or so. I've also started unpacking lots of my vinyl; which has been in storage for almost three years now - so expect to to see some posts on some of those tasty cuts from Scotland's finest shortly. (japanese forms)

In this month's Uncut you can find an extensive feature and interview with Edwyn Collins and the other band members. The group looks back on life in the band, tell the Postcard story from their side, and talk about the various discs they released. Unfortunately we don't get to learn very much about the upcoming release of their back catalogue on Domino nor the dates of when the albums (boxset?) will be available. Not much news on the Domino website either I'm afraid. Anyhow, lets hope that the reissues will be as lovingly made and packaged as was the case with "The Glasgow School, " the Josef K "Entemology" compilation, and the Fire Engines' "Teenage Codex Premonition" album.

In the meantime, get yourself a copy of this month's Uncut. (japanese forms)

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Anonymous said...

Would love a new copy of you can't hide your love forever. I'd love to see it driven to the top of the charts in a miracle and a gift to the fine Collins family.
John in d.c.

Doug said...

Great site.
A mention of James King and the Lonewolves would be welcomed. On of the best scottish bands ever! They were asked to provide some songs for Postcard records , just so you see the relevance.

japanese forms said...

thanks for the comments, guys

hopefully the OJ reissues will be out soon.

i'll get round to james king and the lonewolves sooner or later.
at the moment i don't have much time to work on this blog but i hope to have some free time over the next couple of months.

japanese forms

Anonymous said...

Saw a post by Gayle from March 2010 that says they are working with Domino to put together a beautiful box set with tons of extras - the full treatment - and that they were shooting for a September 13th release date along with Edwyn"s new album. Hope I don't have to be broken-hearted about this. If you hear anything, will you please let us know?

Anonymous said...

Looking at the fantastic job Domino did with the 10-CD rarities box set for The Triffids, I am really excited to see the result of their efforts doing the same job on a OJ release! WOW!

Fastnbulbous said...

6CD/1DVD box set called Coals to Newcastle, out Nov. 7. Schwing.

japanese forms said...

Thanks for informing me about this, Fastnbulbous.
I'll do a post about soon.

japanese forms