Sunday, 21 August 2016

L.O.V.E... it's a hit!

Some more fabulous documents from Rob Waters' Postcard Records archives. This time we have an ad and a review for their 'L.O.V.E... love / Intuition Told Me' their major label debut single on Polydor/Postcard. Rob reckons this is from an October 1981 issue of Record Mirror but I have a feeling that it might well be from a copy of the NME from the same period.

Fab uncredited shot of the lads optimistically pointing towards the number one spot in the hit parade.

Original documents courtesy of & ©Rob Waters

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Paul Haig : Circa 1989-1990

Today we have a couple of promo pics of Paul Haig while he was briefly signed to Circa Records where he released 3 singles and the  album, 'Chain' in 1989 - 1990. Album recorded at Palladium Studios, Edinburgh and which features Alan Rankine of The Associates on guitar, keyboards and as producer. The disc also includes a track entitled 'Chained' written by the other half of The Associates, the late, great Billy McKenzie.
Circa, or Circa Records, was a subsidiary label of Virgin between 1986 and 1999.

Documents courtesy of Coventry City & Scotpop fan heaven & the sea.

Images ©heaven & the sea

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

"Postcard in fact is totally finished..."

"Postcard in fact is totally finished" confirms Alan Horne in this Face article from 1981. Here we get the story of Orange Juice's signing and deal with Polydor, as opposed to a deal with Rough Trade, as well as how they retain "as much control over what we do with them as we did with Alan."
Plus news on arrival of Malcolm Ross (formerly of Josef K) to the band, his disagreements with Paul Haig and the huge sum of £1500 being spent on keyboards by Orange Juice for him.

Document from The Face (November, 1981). Courtesy of & ©Rob Waters

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Josef K : " Their own worst enemies "

Josef K's 'Only Fun in Town,' "let down by scrappy arrangements and wilfully obscure lyrics" gets panned once more in Smash Hits.

From Smash Hits, August 6th, 1981

Document courtesy of & ©Brian McCloskey

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Just Pure Orange Juice

"Segment by segment..."  *Groan*

An interesting snippet on Orange Juice from 1981 by way of Rob Waters' Twitter timeline. Timeline full of wonderful documents -press clippings- from the golden era of The Sound of Young Scotland. This one features Edwyn reminiscing on his schoolboy days; the addition to the band of Malcolm Ross (formerly of Josef K); how the band are "very popular in Leeds" and the release of their single 'Warm Light' (sic).
It's also briefly mentioned at the end of the article that Stephen Daly and James Kirk have left the band since the interview took place.

Document from Jackie magazine (1981) courtesy of & ©Rob Waters

Rob provided me with date this was published on but couldn't tell from which publication he got it. Apparently he's working on it. If anyone has any idea, details, please let me know.