Sunday, 21 August 2016

L.O.V.E... it's a hit!

Some more fabulous documents from Rob Waters' Postcard Records archives. This time we have an ad and a review for their 'L.O.V.E... love / Intuition Told Me' their major label debut single on Polydor/Postcard. Rob reckons this is from an October 1981 issue of Record Mirror but I have a feeling that it might well be from a copy of the NME from the same period.

Fab uncredited shot of the lads optimistically pointing towards the number one spot in the hit parade.

Original documents courtesy of & ©Rob Waters

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Brian said...

I really liked this cover... and the album covers of the 7" and 12". Great to see that Postcard insignia even after Polydor nabbed 'em.