Saturday, 14 January 2012

postcard records badge(s)

This post is in reply to a recent comment (about this badge) made by a visitor... A visitor (Brian Hull?) who correctly pointed out that the badge in the above link was neither an original nor an "official" Postcard Records one. So here are a couple of examples of the original, official badges. One with a black background and one with a blue background. The black one is still intact, and in mint condition, whereas the blue has unfortunately developed some sort of stain... I imagine some rainwater infiltrated it when I wore it (for years) on my denim, Levis jacket back in the day. Unlike the denim jacket, which wouldn't possibly fit me nowadays, I've kept these badges for what must now be at least 30 years. Authentic and true artefacts of the wonderful but too short Postcard era. japanese forms