Sunday, 15 January 2017

"Stop Ruddy Well Slouching" - JAMC Live in London

Well, it seems like I didn't keep my promise to post some more here during the past few weeks -as before I've been too busy on other projects to keep this blog up to date as I should have. Sorry, but I just don't have enough free time.
Anyhow, today we have yet another great document from the excellent Smash Hits archive of the one and only Brian McCloskey and features a review of the Jesus and Mary Chain playing live in London in 1987. Some fine pics of the band -Jim in his mandatory leather breeks- as they get down on their knees and give the patrons their money's worth instead of "standing around and looking sulky" as they did in previous shows.

From Smash Hits, January 14, 1987.

Source & ©Brian McCloskey

 Review : William Shaw
Photos : Andy Catlin