Saturday, 24 September 2016

"The Best of the Faces"

Haven't been doing much on this blog recently due to other committments and general lack of free time. I'll try to remediate this over the next couple of weeks or so but can't promise anything.

Anyhow, today we have a clipping from some music mag of yesteryear featuring the one and only Edwyn Collins (of Orange Juice). If anyone knows the origin of this article, date etc. please let me know. *
Here Edwyn gives us the lowdown on some personal facts and his choices in recent books, films, records etc.
Lets us know that he "belongs to the classic school of non-singers like Dylan and Lou Reed" and other vital information like, ahem, what time he goes to bed.

Document courtesy of & ©Rob Waters.

*Rob has kindly informed me that the 'Personal File' is from an issue of Smash Hits circa '82-'83