Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Future Past : Orange Juice

Images courtesy of and ©stillunusual
Well, just when you think that there can't be anymore original documents to be found on 'The Sound Of Young Scotland' something like this turns up on the web.
These A4-size documents are from The Future Past (issue #1) fanzine which was founded in 1981 and created by three chaps going by the names of Martin Peake, Charles McCartan, and Jozsef Balogh; all from Dudley, in the West Midlands region of England. Copies come courtesy of the amazing archive of fanzines and whatnot that Jake (a.k.a. stillunusual ) posts at his Flickr account.

Read below what Jake has to say about the fanzine and the interview with Orange Juice included in it:

"The editorial on page 2 of this early 1980s midlands fanzine proclaims it to be the first issue of a “soon-to-be-famous” magazine. Sadly, that fame was never achieved - in fact I don’t even know if the authors managed to bring out a second issue - but it’s not a bad effort.

There’s an informative interview with Scottish band Orange Juice, which took place before a gig at the Lafayette club in Wolverhampton and includes an interesting anecdote about Pete Shelley, as well as the fact that their song “Blue Boy” is about him. Two years later, after the band had left indie label Postcard (“The Sound of Young Scotland”) for Polydor and achieved a degree of mainstream success, their biggest hit “Rip It Up” also contained a tribute to
Shelley and the Buzzcocks…."

Monday, 23 February 2015

The Coolest Man in the World

"...the kind of pop group fairy tales should written about."

Review from Sounds (circa '82) of Josef K at the Rock Garden, London, by a somewhat over-excited Chris Burkham.

Original Source:
Lisa Bryson

Original Photo: unknown

Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Sound of Young Scotland - Documentaries

In this month's MOJO (February 2015 issue) you can read all about two forthcoming Grant McPhee documentaries highlighting the independent music scene in Scotland from 1977 to 1994. Both films feature interviews and footage of all the important players who take part in all of it.

Watch the trailer for these films at the links below:

The Big Gold Dream - Scottish Post-Punk, DIY And Infiltrating The Mainstream (1977-1985)

Songs From Northern Britain - The Country That Invented Indie Music (1986 - 1994)


Additional information from Sound of Young Scotland @Kiltr :
"Some things you never knew about Postcard Records: photographer Peter McArthur (who took all those amazing Strawberry Switchblade stills) was responsible for the name of the label, and Orange Juice drummer - Steven Daly - coined the phrase: 'The Sound of Young Scotland.' "