Tuesday, 20 December 2011

what presence ! - rock photography by harry popadopoulos

If you're living in Glasgow or if you'll be visiting the city between 17th December 2011 - 25th
 February 2012 be sure to catch the exhibition of Harry Popadopoulos' photos being held at Street Level Photoworks situated in the Trongate part of the city. Features photographs of Aztec Camera, Edwyn Collins, Orange Juice -in their heyday, Postcard Records era- as well as lots of other very fine rock photography.

Many thanks to Nancy ( a Flickr friend in New York) for informing me about this exhibition.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

from the darklands


from the darklands, originally uploaded by japanese forms.
As usual, I haven't been updating this blog very much lately... Surprising because I really have a lot of items that I should add to it... Anyhow, here's at least one post for now... A ticket stub from a Jesus and Mary Chain concert that I went to see in 1987, in Antwerp, Belgium. Hopefully I'll add some more stuff in the coming weeks...

Saturday, 23 April 2011

edwyn collins : hope and despair (tape)


Tape cassette of Edwyn Collins' great 1989 'Hope and Despair' album. I've hade this (as well as the vinyl version) ever since it came out; cassettes were great (for then) in car listening pleasure and I used to buy lots of them. Still have numerous tapes: you can check some of them out here.

Image: ©japanese forms

Friday, 11 February 2011

the vaselines : sex with an X

the vaselines : sex with an X
45 rpm single / sub pop (2010)
sp 901

photo: wattie cheung
design: jeff kleinsmith

Sorry, folks but I've been severly neglecting this blog and have not been updating it enough. I really must take some time out and post and update more often. Anyhow, post featured here involves the latest single by The Vaselines -who also released an album with the same title: Sex With An X, on SubPop late last year. I must admit that I wouldn't have bought this if I hadn't come across it in a small independent record store the other day; a store that opened (hip, hip hooray!) just a few weeks ago apparently and that I'd never been to. Sounds like the usual Vaselines stuff of yesteryear to me... Which doesn't mean that it's bad but I rather tend to steer clear of bands that reform decades after breaking up. For followers, fans and faithful only. That's why I bought it; I suppose. Nice cover art. japanese forms