Friday, 11 February 2011

the vaselines : sex with an X

the vaselines : sex with an X
45 rpm single / sub pop (2010)
sp 901

photo: wattie cheung
design: jeff kleinsmith

Sorry, folks but I've been severly neglecting this blog and have not been updating it enough. I really must take some time out and post and update more often. Anyhow, post featured here involves the latest single by The Vaselines -who also released an album with the same title: Sex With An X, on SubPop late last year. I must admit that I wouldn't have bought this if I hadn't come across it in a small independent record store the other day; a store that opened (hip, hip hooray!) just a few weeks ago apparently and that I'd never been to. Sounds like the usual Vaselines stuff of yesteryear to me... Which doesn't mean that it's bad but I rather tend to steer clear of bands that reform decades after breaking up. For followers, fans and faithful only. That's why I bought it; I suppose. Nice cover art. japanese forms

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