Tuesday, 16 March 2010

jesus and mary chain - upside down

the jesus and mary chain
upside down / vegetable man
creation records - nov. 1984

photo: ©japanese forms 2010

sound of young scotland
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The great JAMC 'Upside Down' Creation Records single. I have two copies of this fabulous single but I've no idea just how many copies were originally pressed. the disc also came in several different-coloured sleeves, but again, I've no idea how many different colours were involved -I suppose some "trainspotter" out there would be able to inform us on this point. Anyhow, this aside, it ranks as one of the band's finest recordings in my book and a must have item for any JAMC collector. Fabulous cover version of Syd Barrett's Vegetable Man on the b-side.
Includes an insert for mail-order JAMC t-shirts for the ridiculous price, compared with today's standards, of £3,95. Postage included!(japanese forms

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pRoDiGyXB12R said...

Was a big JMC fan and still am! My enthusiasm has been recently reinvigerated after seeing them live in Liverpool on Monday night performing Psychocandy the album in full. It was incredible! I have all their records from 84 to 87 including all ltd editions. My Upside Down is in a yellow sleeve. I don't have the T shirt offer label because I sent it off! Still have the T shirt in my attic! Paul Farrell

japanese forms said...

I'm not too keen on seeing bands that once were among my favourites. I can imagine it being interesting for anyone that never got to see them in their heyday. On the other hand, I have the impression that most of these revival/tours are nothing more than catering to the nostalgic and making a lot of cash doing it. Not just JAMC but also all those recent shows by the likes of Ride, Slowdive, Swervedriver (all on Creation!)The Pixies etc. etc.

Should get that tee down from your loft. Distictly vintage!

pRoDiGyXB12R said...

Well I did see them in 86 not long after Bobby left as I recall they had a drum machine. They were great then and still are now. The reason for this current tour/reunion is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Psychocandy, a benchmark album in pop history. I have no problem in bands making more money on the back of what they achieved in the past. I'd guess that JAMC probably need more than just royalty money to make a living and as someone that was so influenced by them I have no problem with this. These guys kind of changed my life! The performance was amazing with William still doing his thing with the feedback - his ears must be destroyed! Jims voice is still the same too. It was good to see Jim and William again too. I may well get my T shirt down as I'm still the same size I was at 19! In fairness, Jim still looks the same size but William errr.... well his hair is still haywire! Jim should grow his hair and loose the Terminator 2 look! This set of Psychocandy tours could be the last time you see them live - in my opinion unmissable! I was never into any of the other wannabe bands so wouldn't go and see them. I've recently seen Echo and the Bunnymen (also amazing) and The Cult (another incredible band from the 80s) Cheers, Paul.

japanese forms said...

Well, glad you enjoyed the show(s), Paul. Saw the JAMC (+ Echo & the Bunnymen)three times way, way back. I'd like to remember them as they were. Saw a pic of William recently. Looked about 4 stone overweight.
Cheers. Have fun!