Thursday, 24 August 2017

Orange Juice - Rip It Up (artwork in progress)

Some very exciting images of original artwork for a few Orange Juice releases were forwarded to me by Scots post-punk a few months back. I've already posted one shot here but I promised that there would be more. So here we are today with a 'work in progress' shot of the artwork for Orange Juice's 1982 album 'Rip It Up.' Lots of handwritten messages; like "Rough guide to finished appearance only" around the cover sleeve photograph that was to be used. I imagine that these would be instructions for the printer or whoever was responsible for the fabrication of the sleeves.

This original document belongs to one Steve McNamee who picked it up for a song (indeed!) at an auction a few years ago. Amazing artefact!

Design for the 'Rip It Up' album' by the band; layout by Pete Watson, and typography by Rod Sopp. Band photography by the late Eric Watson; famous for his work with Pet Shop Boys as main photographer and video director for several years.

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