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"Everything in the charts is rubbish."

Follow-up to yesterday's post with more on Orange Juice from the November 11th, 1982 issue of Smash Hits. An article wherein we learn that not everything is up to Edwyn's tastes and standards. In the article we get to hear from Edwyn how the band came about as well as his opinions on the (then) state of affairs of the indie music industry. A sorry state indeed if you believe Edwyn; "It's a really bland time" he quips. I tend to disagree but everyone has a right to an opinion, n'est-ce-pas? He also goes on to say that work of graphic designers such as the Peter Saville isn't his cuppa either nor the (then) current music scene for that matter; "It's the same with music. It's all just seems really gutless and spineless at the moment."

Well, I imagine that many would, like myself, beg to differ on those points of view as well. Still, looking back retrospectively though, I understand his sentiments that not everything was as good as some made it out to be, but, as I mention above, everyone has their own opinion and feelings of how things are/were.
Orange Juice was a band that I really liked at that time but I also enjoyed a lot of the music and graphic design that might not have found favour with Edwyn.

Maybe he never heard the Associates 'Sulk' album, Cabaret Voltaire's '2x45', the Cure's 'Pornography' album or Felt's 'Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty', to name a few, and which were all released that same year in 1982.

Anyhow, if you click on the image and zoom + you'll be able to read all of the interview and make what you like of it yourself.

Trivia: There's a typo in Zeke Manyika's name in the caption beneath the photograph.

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