Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Some Candy Talking

It's been so long since I posted anything here. Tend to pass much more time at Twitter nowadays; where I also tend to post a lot of SoYS related stuff.
Anyhow, for today, we have some documents featuring that ever-smiling couple, Jim and William Reid of the Jesus and Mary Chain. From Smash Hits (16-29 july, 1986) we have some great pics, a 2-page interview, the front cover, and the lyrics from their then latest release, 'Some Candy Talking.'

The Mary Chain have been enjoying a comeback for the last couple of years and released their belated 7th album, 'Damage & Joy' some 19 years after their previous album, 'Munki' -which appeared in 1998. Must say that I don't really like that 2017 release.
Still, it appears to appeal to lots of fifty-somethings; whom I imagine are on a nostalgia trip; desperately trying to relive their long most youth in some way.Their recent (comeback) tours have been highly successful audience-wise too. I saw them a couple of times in their heyday but I really wouldn't bother going to see them today.
When I first heard the album, I pointed out to a friend that I thought that the lyrics on 'Damage & Joy' were incredibly naïve. Sounding as though they'd been written by angst-filled teenagers. He replied that the JAMC lyrics have always been like that! Well, at least that proves I pay more attention nowadays to that sort of thing. Also proves that I'm not an angst-filled teenager anymore.

Anyway, back then, when this magazine came out, and at least for a couple of more years, the Jesus & Mary Chain were indeed the dog's bollocks musicwise. Might well be, to a certain extent, the best thing in Scottish rock for their first five-six years or so before their eventual decline and split in the late 90s. In the end, no matter how they sound today, I'll still cherish all their early vinyl and look to them as one of my favourite bands of yesteryear.


Documents : source & © - Shane Marais

Photograph : ©japanese forms

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