Thursday, 14 June 2007

Aztec Camera - Mattress of Wire

Aztec Camera
A Mattress of Wire / Lost Outside the Tunnel
Postcard Records
Postcard 81-8 (1981)

Roddy Frame's second, and indeed last, release on Postcard before moving on to Rough Trade. This disc was also the last one issued on the label -if you go by the Cat. N°- during it's initial incarnation. In fact, I'm not too sure if this came out before or after Josef K's 'The Only Fun in Town' (Postcard 81-7) album. Releases tended to be a bit erratic with Postcard 81-6; Orange Juice's 'Wan Light' single never being released at all. The track eventually surfaced on the band's 'You Can't Hide Your Love Forever' album.

The 'A Mattress of Wire' single, like some the earlier limited-edition releases, also featured original artwork. A move away from the previous generic 'cowboy' and 'kilties' type sleeves. The 'drumming kitten' logo remains a permanent fixture appearing both on the back of the sleeve and on the yellow 'tartan' label.Front cover features what looks like a painting of some young Roman emperor with a yellowish (sort of pale ochre) background like the colouring used by the Greeks and Romans on the walls of their villas and other buildings way back then. As I bought this in Belgium, my copy still has the original price sticker of 95 Belgian francs on it. I don't want to remove it in case I damage the sleeve. Back sleeve has the Rough Trade distribution sticker in the bottom, right corner. There's no mention of who did the artwork for this release.

Attention Trainspotters !
A rare postcard version of 'A Mattress of Wire' also exists and was released on the Czecheslovakian label B+H Records. Rather strange item which has grooves on the front so you can play it on your turntable. Never actually seen one myself.

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