Thursday, 26 June 2014

Josef K : NME / Rough Trade C81 Owner’s Manual

Josef K: Endless Soul
NME / Rough Trade C81 Owner’s Manual (page 9)
NME/Rough Trade Cassette, 1981.

First release by NME / Rough Trade Tapes 1981. To get this you had to order it through the New Musical Express. 30,000 copies were sent out. As well as the tape, I still have the original 32-page Owner's Manual; which you had to put together by cutting out various pages over a number of weeks from the NME and then folding and assembling them. You had to be patient in those days. Home computers and internet weren't around then. Looking at these pages one can see how much the Velvet Underground was important to Alan Horne and the whole conception of what he wanted Postcard to be.
This is the second of three posts featuring the Postcard Records illustrations to be found in NME / Rough Trade C81 Owner’s Manual. Next one will feature Aztec Camera.

Photo : ©japanese forms

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