Sunday, 11 May 2014

Aztec Camera - Snap Decisions

As anyone following the blog will have noticed, I've been trying to set up a new layout for Sound of Young Scotland. Not working out as I want it as I'm having trouble merging the header colour with my background colour. Both are the same colour but for some reason when I add my homemade header it appears either lighter or darker than the background. Anyhow, hope to get this fixed sooner or later.
As for the time being, I'll be continuing to import most of my posts from my Sound of Young Scotland @Tumblr as well as rearranging older posts that have been 'messed up' with the new layout.
So, for the first 'new' post back here @Blogger here's a rather nice pic of a youthful Roddy Frame (Aztec Camera). No idea where this comes from as it appears with a set of several shots of Roddy. Shots which have been clipped from some magazine or other which could be either Sounds or Melody Maker or both. The original photograph is by ©Janette Beckman, who worked for both the magazines I mention, in the late 70s early 80s.

Original photo ©Janette Beckman
Source : Clover Swine

Clover Swine has contacted me to confirm that the image above is from Smash Hits, found on Flickr Smash Hits archive.

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Clover Swine said...

It's from Smash Hits, found on Flickr Smash Hits archive.
Thanks for mentioning my blog, and for posting a drawing from my art blog ( Cheers!