Friday, 14 September 2012

primal scream : gentle tuesday 12" ep

image ©japanese forms

A wee change from Orange Juice; who have been featured in quite a few recent SoYS posts. Here we have one of Primal Scream's early singles on the short-lived Elevation Records label. The band released this one plus the 'Imperial' single; as well as their debut (and dreadful) album 'Sonic Flower Groove' -from which the two singles were culled-  on that label before going back to Creation . The distribution and financial deal between Alan McGee and WEA collapsing due to lack of sales. Something that is understandable. If anyone has given the Byrds-influenced 'Sonic Flower Groove' album more than a cursory listen they'll know what I mean. As for this EP; it's not too hot either. At the time of its release I was a sucker big fan of the band and of Creation in general. I'd snap up anything that could be found at local or nearby record stores; particularly if it was by a Scottish band, and, believe me, where I lived, this sort of vinyl was pretty hard to find. Anyhow, I still have it but it's doubtful that it'll be on the turntable often. On the other hand, the artwork and Mike Laye photography are very nice indeed. So good you can almost hear those leather breeks they're wearing squeaking in the background. japanese forms

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