Sunday, 29 November 2015

Singalong with Orange Juice

Poor Old Soul by Orange Juice on Postcard Records.

Another excellent clipping which comes by way of Steve MacNamee's collection of memorabilia, press cuttings, and other tasty artifacts from the Postcard Records era.

This clipping features a photograph of the band by Harry Papadopoulos and the lyrics to the 1981 'Poor Old Soul' single.

Not quite sure where this from: could be Record Mirror, or Sounds, or any one of the numerous music papers that existed back then.
Maybe someone can fill me in?*

Anyhow, thanks, once again to Steve MacNamee for this document. More fom his treasure chest up soon.


*I'd like to thank Peter Clark for letting me know (via comments) that this is from Smash Hits 61 issued on the 2nd of April 1981


Peter Clark said...

Looks like Smash Hits to me.

Peter Clark said...

Yes, Smash Hits #61 2 April 1981!1981-issues/c1rwl

japanese forms said...

Thanks very much for the information on where & when this document was published.
I've added the necessary details at the end of my text.