Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Orange Juice : Haçienda, Manchester

Some fine, vintage shots of Orange Juice (Malcolm Ross -left- Edwyn Collins -right top & bottom), bought on Ebay and of which copies were kindly sent to me by Scots Post-Punk. According to the eBay seller the photos were taken by David Cawley or Graham Stirling at The Hacienda, Manchester in either June 1982, or on 4 April 1983. The previous owner is not sure of the date when the pics were taken but as he was at both shows he thinks either or both of the two photographers were present at the same gigs.

The seller also has a tape of the 1983 gig which he intends to sell on eBay one of these days. Scots Post-Punk informed me that the tape hasn't showed up on eBay for the time being so keep your eyes peeled.


Brian said...

Great shots from a show I'm sure we wish we all could have attended. I did some digging around, but not much visual evidence of either show out there... making this quite a find in my book. Thanks for getting it out there.

japanese forms said...

Thanks, Brian. Glad you appreciate them. They came courtesy of Scots Post-Punk so any kudos should go to him.