Monday, 25 May 2015

Orange Juice : Rip It Up (poster)

Image : Courtesy of and ©Graeme McNay

As with Factory Records (particularly anything related to Joy Division and New Order) there has been a huge resurgence of interest in bands from the Sound of Young Scotland, Postcard Records era the past few years. Bands like Orange Juice, Josef K, Fire Engines, Scars, and a whole host of others are enjoying a popularity that was distnctly lacking for a few of them in their heyday. Books have been published, exhibitions set up, films and documentaries are arriving in cinemas soon. Of course, most of these bands no longer exist but some continue to record and play under various other guises and line-ups. It's a whole new lease of life that's opened up to quite a few those musicians thanks to a few people who are setting the record straight, filing the facts, -while nostalgia beats its incessant drum and some of us hark back on the days of our long gone and, what seems in some cases, a not so misspent youth.

Thanks to some fans more and more unseen goodies are cropping up every now and then on the net. Today's image comes courtesy of Ayrshire lad, Graeme McNay -who besides cycling appears to be a huge music fan and particularly one of Orange Juice.
Thanks for the image, Graeme. Much appreciated.

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