Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Postcard 'Factory Sit-In'

Featured above is a very interesting Postcard Records artifact.
It's a handprinted, limited-edition poster for Aztec Camera’s first gig outside Scotland. Gig which took place at Manchester De Ville’s in August 1981.
This image was sent to me courtesy of John Ashton who's selling it on eBay as well as an original Postcard brochure and a fanzine. Items which Postcard sumpremo Alan Horne sent to him 1981. Includes a handwritten cover note by Horne written on the back of a torn off brown Postcard Records record sleeve.

Anyone interested in these items can make a bid at the links below:

Aztec Camera / Jazzateers poster

Postcard Records brochure / fanzine

Image ©John Ashton



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