Monday, 14 July 2014

Return To Sender : Postcard Records

I've just been given access to some exciting documents by Paul Haig (Josef K). I'll be posting a few here over the next few days I imagine and would sincerely like to thank Paul for giving permission to do so. A good few of these documents are pretty rare; I don't recall ever seeing some of them before. First up we have a scan of a page of a Stuart Maconie article which dates back to the early 90s I imagine. There's no mention of which magazine it is but it might be from the NME, Select or Mojo. Includes the full Postcard Discography (released/unreleased) which I've reproduced in a larger format below.

Images: Courtesy of & ©ROL UK/Paul Haig
Original magazine images : ©David Corio & ©Robert Sharp

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