Tuesday, 21 August 2012

the wake (with bobby gillespie on bass)

photo : source unknown

A rather interesting find on the net; a photo of The Wake with Bobby Gillespie on bass (far right) in the very early 80s probably. I must admit that The Wake wasn't a band that I really got into but I did invest in a few of their recordings which came out on Factory and Factory Benelux way back then. I still have them so I suppose I'll get them out; give them a spin for reappraisal. You can learn all about the band at James Nice's very excellent LTM Recordings - to say that that label is a true goldmine is a bit of an understatement in my mind - and you can pick up the latest news and infos on them at their blog Is There A Working Cable? The band recently released the very fine 'A Light Far Out' album, on the above-mentioned LTM label and it's certainly well worth checking out. As for Bobby Gillespie... No idea what he's up to right now; apart from the recent supporting slot at Heaton Park with The Stone Roses, but I suppose another Primal Scream disc is in the pipeline and will see the light of day sometime. japanese forms

The Wake @ Soundcloud


GMA said...

Superbe photo !
Le coffret sorti pour le Record Store Day 2012 est toujours sur ma liste ...

Anonymous said...

Only discovered them yesterday! Thanks to mgmt haha

I presume that is Carolyn in the back?

Its rare to find some more shots of this group