Thursday, 5 July 2012

josef k : on stage

josef k in action
onstage at valentinos, edinburgh, sunday 16th august,1981
©hershcell hershey


manattheback said...

This rare photo was taken by Herschell Hershey (FLICKR), it is Josef K onstage at Valentinos in Edinburgh on Sunday 16th August 1981

japanese forms said...

Thanks, Brian (manattheback)

I am aware of that now as Herschell is now one of my contacts on Flickr.
Your comment is, nonetheless, much appreciated.
I'll add the credit and link to the original pic.
I always add a credit and link when it's possible. SoYS has now moved to Tumblr - I'm sure you are aware of that.


ROOKSBY said...

That's a terrific pic. :)