Saturday, 12 December 2009

jesus and mary chain - far gone and out (holographic e.p.)

image: © japanese forms

the jesus and mary chain
far gone and out - CDEP
def american / blanco y negro
1992 - holographic edition

Well, three posts in almost as many days... Up this time is the MaryChain's holographic edition of their Far Gone & Out EP which was released way back in 1992. I must admit that my interest in the band was beginning to wane a bit but I did catch them in concert that year and they were great. This wasn't the last proper release that I bought by the band as they were still pretty good but after the 10" ep The Sound of Speed their releases weren't on the same level as most of the earlier recordings. the lst thing I bought by them would probably be the Stoned & Dethroned album and it's accompanying singles. Still,in their day, they were one of the best "Scottish" bands ever and this EP is rather splendid too. This is a U.S. edition of it. I've no idea if it's rare or not.

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