Saturday, 5 January 2008

The Royal We / 1990s
Not been able to do much posting in recent times. I've been busy setting-up home but the lack of posts is more due to the fact that all of my discs are still in storage. Worse, they'll probably remain there for a good while yet. Anyhow, I recently picked up this split, tribute single by two young Glasgow bands : The Royal We and 1990s covering Orange Juice's 'Poor Old Soul' and Josef K's 'Sorry for Laughing' respectively. As my turntable is also in storage I haven't been able to listen to this as yet. However, and this is why I picked it up in the first place, the artwork, by Stuart White, is great. You can check out all of the artwork here. According to the information -printed on the inside of the fold-over sleeve- both sides were recorded in May 2007 and the disc was mastered by Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub). Some copies may still be available at Monorail or at Hitherto.

Both bands have had albums recently released on Geographic and Rough Trade

The Royal We



Scott Salsman said...

Hey, great site! Can't believe I only just now found it. I'll be looking it over a lot. You must have quite a collection!

japanese forms said...

Thanks Scott,
Glad you like the blog. Yes, I have a good collection. Unfortunately, however,everything is in storage at the moment as I've just relocated and don't have the space to stock my discs. As I'll probably be moving soon I hope to have everything back to normal this coming Summer.

Mick said...

As the expert on 'the sound of young Scotland' you should be able to answer this. I'm now converting old tapes to mp3 and I've got an old Fire Engines Peel session that I recorded back in the day (Candy Skin, Fascist Groove Thang, Untitled and Discord). Are these readily available or should I pencil them in for a future post?

japanese forms said...

I wouldn't call myself an 'expert' mick; more someone who just likes all sorts of music -bands from that era being one of them. I don't think the Peel Sessions things are readily available but they have been posted in MP3 format on a couple of MP3 blogs.