Sunday, 27 May 2007

Orange Juice : Love Sick / Blue Boy (original and reissue)

image © japanese forms

Orange Juice - Blue Boy / Lovesick - DUBH 934 - Postcard Records (1993)
Orange Juice - Blue Boy / Lovesick - PC 80 - 2 - Postcard Records (1980)

On the right the original Postcard Records' Lovesick / Blue Boy single by Orange Juice -which came in a wraparound sleeve. This was the second single released by the band on the label. The first pressing (above) had blue labels and the sleeve was hand-coloured by the band. A second pressing featured brown labels and a brown 'cowboy' sleeve. Apparently there were also a few mispressings issued with yellow and red labels and a white 'cowboy' sleeve.
On the left the reissue version released a few years later when Postcard re-emerged for a short spell in the early 90s. Artwork for both singles by Sharon Acker.

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